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  Smart Business Checking Business Checking Business Money Market



Low cost checking, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.



Good for larger companies with a high volume of transactions.



Earn interest with either our Indexed or Tiered Money Market account.


Minimum deposit to open

$1.00 $1.00 $1.00

Earns interest

No  Earnings credit is applied to leverage your account balances to reduce or eliminate service charges  

Monthly maintenance service charge

 None $10.00

Tiered Money Market: None

Indexed Money Market: $25.00

Mobile Check Deposit


Transaction fees

Additional transactions (over 450) are $0.35 each

Check paid fee: $0.16 per item 

Deposit/items deposited fee: $0.12 per item

6 preauthorized transfers are permitted per statement cycle.* Exceeding statement period limitations will result in the following fees:

Tiered - $5.00;  Indexed - $25.00


*Conversion to a transaction account or account closure may be required if transaction limitations are violated.


Additional Account Options


Non-Profit / Estate / Trust Checking 

We recognize the unique needs of non-profit businesses,
so we’ve built a unique checking account with no maintenance fees and unlimited transactions. 


IOLTA Checking - Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts

The account earns interest that goes to help the Maine Bar Foundation fund civil legal services to indigent persons.
Our partnership with the Maine Bar Foundation means the account earns a rate of return that is fair and equitable. 



RAHF Checking – Realtor Affordable Housing Fund

We participate in the Maine Association of REALTORS® Affordable Housing Fund.
Earnest money deposits received by your agency are placed into a special interest bearing account,
and the interest is given out in the form of grants to successful applicants.