Accounts Receivable Financing

Accelerate your Cash Flow with Accounts Receivable Financing. With the unique and safe BusinessManager program from Gorham Savings Bank, your business will receive cash deposited into your operating account every time you submit an invoice – giving you quick access to the money you're owed.

cash management 


Need short-term working capital that supports the pace and needs of your business?

Whether you receive payment in 30, 60, or 90 days, you'll have cash on-hand to: 


Meet payroll

Add staff to keep up with growing demands

Purchase new equipment or upgrade technology

Take advantage of potential vendor discounts for upfront or cash payments, prompt payments, and volume.

Seize upon new growth opportunities in your industry

Operate with confidence


More than 30,000 businesses have made BusinessManager the #1 small-business lending alternative in the nation.


We are a small business that works mostly with government contracts. As you may guess the monies for this are very reliable but not timely. We struggled weekly to meet payroll and tax payments until we started with Business Manager. We have been using this program for over two years and not once have we worried how payroll was going to be met. Our funding will never be regular and the comfort of knowing we can sell our receivables weekly, allows us to deal with more pressing business matters.

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For questions, please contact:

Kim Donnelly, Senior Vice President
(207) 222-1499